Wilfrid Askins


linkedin.com/in/wilfrid-askins | github.com/wilfrid-askins

Google SWE/SRE Sept 2022 - Present

Working on a 1st party GCP SaaS product.

Developing control surfaces, monitoring, alerting and dashboards.

Working as a core team member on critical production issues unblocking a high priority launch.

Created a tool which reduced SLO burn, avoiding an availability drop of ~10%.

Golang, Python, Docker, Spanner, BigQuery, GCE, Borg, Monarch.

Google SWE/SRE Intern Jun - Sept 2021

Working on improving the reliability of Google Cloud FileStore.

Created a system to automatically detect dependency failures in customer instances.

Golang, Python, Spanner, gRPC, TextProto, Borg, Monarch.

Google SWE/SRE Intern Jun - Aug 2020

Managing GCP resources on google.com by adding features to an internal IAC tool.

Created a feature to block deletion of critical infrastructure, now used by >800 projects.

Golang, GCP Resource Manager API, Mercurial, Bazel, YAML.

Icelolly Software Developer Intern Nov 2019 - Apr 2020

Backend development for the UK's #1 holiday search engine.

Made £80,000 in revenue over 3 months by adding new providers/advertisers.

Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Redis, MySQL, Jenkins, GraphQL, REST and SOAP APIs.

Visa Software Developer InternJun - Aug 2019

Created a microservice to concurrently process transactions, finding faults in Visa’s global system.

Saved a projected £10,000 per year via automating Regression, Integration and Functional Testing.

Golang, Java, gRPC, MongoDB, Maven, Git, Agile.


Undergrad of The Year Finalist 2019

Placed in the Top 10 in the UK in Computer Science, IT and Physics. TARGETJobs finding the most promising undergrads who show potential as entrepreneurs and leaders.


St Andrews University - Computer Science MSc 2021-22

Wrote a dissertation on a machine-learning based search engine for historical texts.

Created using React, Python, Flask, Docker, Apache Spark, Apache Jena Fuseki.


Newcastle University - Computer Science BSc 2017-21

Wrote a dissertation on a Distributed Web Archiving Service.

Created using Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, Redis and Terraform.